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A log of new feature releases

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2024-02-20 Show Unallocated Only Filter
2024-01-08 Export Image Resolution, Watermark and Transparent Background is back
2023-11-27 Shared Roadmap Menus
2023-10-31 Save As 6 to 4 Steps and Undo Capability Import
2023-10-03 Show Linkages Enhancements and other cosmetic changes
2023-08-24 Show linked challenges, objectives and capabilities for an initiative
2023-08-15 Home Page, Comments and Owner Name for Actions
2023-07-20 Capability Map Improvements
2023-05-31 Collaboration Improvements & Swiss Franc
2023-05-23 Import Objectives
2023-01-30 Multi-factor Authentication
2023-01-10 Customized Prioritization 2 x 2
2022-12-15 Visualizer Enhancements
2022-12-13 Import Challenges
2022-11-29 Import Initiatives, Enterprise Plan Team Management & Label Sync
2022-10-03 Roadmap Enhancements - Milestones and Remove Horizontal Dependencies
2022-08-01 Combined Library, 4-Step Visualizer and Pawned Password Check
2022-08-23 Show Linked Objectives Improvements
2022-07-20 4-Step Simplified Strategic Roadmap
2022-07-04 Copy Roadmap & Visual Changes
2022-05-18 Published document menu
2022-05-03 Performance Improvements & Published document styling change
2022-01-31 Share by email and Jibility Visualizer
2022-04-11 Challenge Comments and Estimation Range Enhancement
2021-12-08 Multi-user collaboration
2021-11-02 Import Capabilities and show linked capabilities for an initiative
2021-10-19 Export to Excel & PowerPoint enhancements
2021-10-08 Export Capabilities & Action or Initiatives Published documents to Excel
2021-10-05 New Capability and Initiative Published document
2021-09-23 Capability Map PPT hide filtered rows/columns
2021-09-16 Action Category Icons and other improvements
2021-06-28 Export Roadmap Image improvements
2021-05-05 General bug fixes and minor enhancements
2021-03-10 Labelling Objectives and Export Actions to Excel
2021-02-25 Label Challenges, Not Started Status & Tour Videos
2021-02-02 Filter Capability Map and general improvements
2020-12-09 Productivity Enhancements
2020-11-25 Share for view with link and Capability Labels
2020-11-18 Financial Summary & General Improvements
2020-09-14 Productivity Improvements and Updated Registration & Login pages
2020-08-04 Free Plan and Jibility Cloud
2020-07-07 Publish Capability Map to PowerPoint
2020-06-10 Publish Challenges, Objectives and Capabilities & Action to PowerPoint
2020-04-08 Free Jibility Read-only Viewer, Capability Library
2020-04-02 New Look Jibility & PowerPoint
2019-11-28 Microsoft OneDrive Integration
2019-09-24 Working Backwards - Adding Courses of Action onto an Initiative
2019-09-09 Distribute Cost and Benefits over multiple stages
2019-08-05 Working Backwards and Templates
2019-07-08 More export image and export to excel
2019-06-04 Undo/Redo and Auto recovery
2019-05-22 Manage Labels, Course of Action Categories and Export Image (Resolution)
2019-03-28 Take a Tour and Prioritized Initiative 2x2 Zoom
2019-02-25 Tagging Initiatives with Labels and Canvas improvements
2019-01-16 Canvas Dashboard and Initiative Owner
2018-11-15 Time Horizon and Track Initiative Status
2018-10-01 Find Linked Capabilities, Prioritise specific Initiatives on 2x2 & Export to Excel
2018-09-10 New presentation style and linking to multiple Objectives
2018-08-01 Export Image
2018-07-01 Initiative Cost and Benefits Summary Listing
2018-06-14 Cost and Benefits Estimation