Jibility is the app for building your Business and Technology Strategy Roadmaps.  We have encapsulated years of consulting experience into a simple platform that helps you create and own your Strategy Roadmap.  

In this article, we describe the basic components of Jibility and how to start.

Starting and opening a Strategy Roadmap

To start a Strategy Roadmap, you can choose to create an Information Technology Strategy Roadmap or a general Business Strategy Roadmap by clicking on the respective Create button (see below).

Each type of Strategy Roadmap will come with its own pre-defined library of reusable building blocks.

If you have already created a Jibility Strategy Roadmap, then you choose to open your existing Strategy Roadmap file by clicking on the Open button and selecting your file.

A good way to see what you can do with Jibility is to open a sample Strategy Roadmaps: Insure North and RedYabber.  

Jibility Canvas and Steps

Using Jibility is as easy as following the Jibility steps on the Jibility Canvas.  When you launch Jibility and have chosen to open an existing Roadmap or create a new Strategy Roadmap, you will land on the following page.  The Jibility Steps are the main menu items such as Challenge, Objectives, Capabilities and so forth which can be accessed by clicking the Jibility Step menu items or by clicking on the corresponding Step on the Jibility Canvas.

The goal is to complete each step of the Jibility Canvas.

When you click on a step, this will launch the editor that helps you fill in the content for that step.

Canvas properties

To edit your Canvas properties, such as to change the name of your Strategy Roadmap, click on the Edit Canvas button (as shown below) to open the Canvas properties popup.

An example of the Canvas properties popup is shown below.

Note, the name given for your canvas is also the filename when you select save.

Features common to each Step

In each Jibility Step, there are some common features which are illustrated below. 

The basic principles are

  1. The work space area in the middle is the canvas area for the Jibility Step, where you fill in the details for that step.  
  2. Drag and drop a New or pre-defined (common) item from the search result panel onto the canvas area to complete your step
  3. Click the delete icon to remove a selected item from your canvas (Note, that no warning is provided)
  4. When an item on the canvas is selected, then this will (generally) open the properties panel for that item for editing.  

Here's an example of how you can drag/drop onto the canvas work area and also select and delete your object.

Saving your Strategy Roadmap

Jibility does not automatically save your content.  You MUST click the save button to download your work to your selected download folder.  Your default download folder is configured in your browser.

Supported Browsers

At the moment Jibility is designed to work on Google's Chrome Desktop browser.  We plan to support other browsers in the future.

How to get started?

The easiest way to get started with Jibility is to open and walk through one of our sample strategy roadmaps.  We have made the following samples available 

  1. IT Strategy Roadmap for a fictitious company called RedYabber.
  2. Business Strategy Roadmap for a fictitious company called InsureNorth

For a step by step description of how Jenny (the RedYabber IT Manager) created her IT Strategy Roadmap have a look here  RedYabber IT Strategy Roadmap.

Tips: Open one of the sample strategy roadmaps, change the title in the canvas properties and save as your own.  This is a good way to start your own strategy roadmap or just test making changes and learn.

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