So, you have created a Jibility strategic roadmap, and now you are ready to share this with others, but you want others to have read-only access.  In this article, we will describe how you do that with the Jibility viewer.

You can publish and share a PDF, Image, Excel or PowerPoint from Jibility, but you would need to re-publish your content every time a change is made.  The Jibility viewer enables your users to navigate and view your Jibility content directly.  

The Jibility viewer is free and accessible by anyone.  No login is required, and we don't even ask for an email address.

The Jibility viewer is designed to enable another user to view your Jibility file, that you have shared with them, without the need to purchase a Jibility licence.

To access the Jibility viewer just use this URL: or click this button.

Note: Jibility viewer runs in Chrome desktop browser only.

Jibility Viewer

The Jibility viewer works similar to the full editor version of Jibility, but the user cannot create a new file or change the content.  On the main page, the user can open a shared file or open a Jibility sample file. 

The Jibility viewer removes the ability for the user to change the overall canvas properties or object properties.  The user can navigate and view the content in each Jibility step.  

The user can still publish documents and control settings such as page layout, page size but cannot change the document content, such as remove the organisation's logo (if one is set).

NOTE  For Local File users: The Jibility viewer does not control access to your Jibility file.  The viewer is simply a cut down version with the features such as create, delete and save removed.  A user with a full editor version of Jibility can still change your file content if you share the file with them.  Therefore you MUST set the file access permission of your shared Jibility file to Read-Only.

Please see this article: Share a roadmap for view only with a link

Sharing Jibility Roadmap with a file (Local File)

Your Jibility content is saved to a file.  To share your Jibility file so that another user can use the Jibility viewer to read your Jibility content, you must enable access to your file.  The best way to allow access to your file is to share your file using a cloud drive such as Microsoft OneDrive,  Google Drive or DropBox.  

Using the Jibility Viewer, the user must select the "Open" tile on the home page. This will open a dialog window to find the file and open it for view.

IMPORTANT NOTE: make sure you set the file access permission of your Jibility file to read-only.  This is to ensure that a person opening your file with a full editor version of Jibility cannot save their changes over your file.

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