This month we released the new look Jibility and commenced the progressive roll-out of the publish to PowerPoint feature.

New Look Jibility

Our new look Jibility has increased the available workspace, reduced the use of colors and simplified navigation.  A lot of work went behind the scenes to enable Jibility for future more exciting features.

Note, you can continue with the previous version of Jibility by using this URL:  However, we are releasing new features for the new look Jibility only and will phase out the previous version of Jibility in three months.

You can read about the new look Jibility features here.

Publish to PowerPoint

A common requirement from our users is to have the ability to insert their Jibility content into a presentation.  Commencing with the Initiatives & Actions published document, we will progressively introduce the ability to publish each Jibility document to PowerPoint.  

You can read about the publish to PowerPoint feature here.

Publish Capability Map Enhancements

You can now publish a capability map in black and white.  You can also choose to include or exclude linked objectives or priority tags.  This feature was created to support users who facilitate workshops using Jibility content.   Workshop facilitators requested a "blank" capability map to place on the wall to allow attendees to collaboratively mark-up the degrees of change, linked objectives and/or priority.

In the Capability Map document, you can now set the properties as shown in the following diagram.

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