Can I run Jibility using any browser?

No, Jibility is designed to work with later versions of Google Chrome Desktop browser.  Support for other browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Edge is planned.

Is my content secured (security)?

Yes, Jibility does not store your Strategy Roadmap in the cloud or on our servers. Your work is created locally in your browser.  When you click the Save button, your work is saved to your download folder.  You can choose where you store your content.  So, your content is as secure as where you choose to store your content. Note, the default location where your file is saved is configured in your browser.
Please refer to our Security article.

Are my changes saved automatically?

No, Jibility will not automatically save your work.  You must click on the Save button (in the top right corner) to download and save your work.  The file name is determined by the name given to your Canvas.  Each file is timestamped so you will have multiple versions of your work.  The default location where your file is saved is configured in your browser.  In Google Chrome you can change your setting to "Ask where to save each file before downloading".  Go to "chrome://settings/downloads" to set your preference.  Find out more in the Saving to File article.

Will Jibility update or improve its content library, such as capabilities?

Yes, Jibility will review and improve our content on a regular basis.  Your feedback regarding our content is invaluable and will certainly help us to deliver a better solution.  You can send us your feedback at

What happens to my Strategy Roadmap content if the Jibility common library is changed?

When you drag/drop a pre-defined or common object from the Jibility library to your canvas to build your Strategy Roadmap you are taking a copy of that object from the library at that point in time.  Future changes to the library (such as if we renamed a Capability or change its definition) will not affect your copy of that object in your Strategy Roadmap.

Is Jibility just for IT or general business strategy roadmap only?

Not at all, we created Jibility as a dedicated Strategy Roadmapping tool.  We started with IT and general business strategy roadmapping, but you can use the tool for anything that needs a strategy roadmap.  For example, product strategy roadmap and project/programme strategy roadmap.

Can I publish a PDF copy of my Strategy Roadmap?

Yes, in the Jibility Publish step you can print and also use your browser's print to PDF feature to generate a PDF copy of your Strategy Roadmap.

Can I share my Strategy Roadmap?

Yes, you can share your Strategy Roadmaps by either sending your saved file (which means the other person can open the file using Jibility and edit the Strategy Roadmap) or a PDF document.  Note, Jibility does not manage or track changes.

How do I change my password?

You can use the Forgotten Password function to change your password.  The Forgotten Password function is a link from the login page.  You need to enter your email address to receive a verification code in order to change your password.

Can I pay for my subscription using invoice and bank transfer instead?

Yes, you can.  The most common way to pay for your subscription is by entering your credit card details.  But, we understand that some organisations prefer to receive an invoice and pay by bank transfer instead.  If you prefer to pay by invoice and bank transfer then please contact  

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