1) Action Category Icons

You can now select an action category icon from our palette of over 50 icons. Previously, when you added a new action category, a default icon was assigned to it, and you did not have an option to select a different icon.

To change the action category icon, click on the icon, and this will open a popup for you to select an alternate icon.

2) Show or hide published document page numbers

You can now choose to show or hide the page number from the printed documents (including printing to PDF).

3) Selecting Initiatives by name on the Prioritised 2x2

On the prioritize initiative 2x2 you can select each initiative by clicking on the "dot". Now you can select an initiative by click on the name as well. This change was implemented to enable the selection of initiatives which are too close to each other on the 2x2 where selecting the dot is not possible because the name was overlapping the dot.

4) Capability Export to Excel number

You can save or export your capabilities to Excel. The excel document includes a capability number which was previously based on the creation order. We have now changed the number to align with the capability map layout order from left to right and top to bottom. So, the capability in the top left corner will always be capability number 1.

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