1) Export Roadmap to image improvements

Previously when exporting an image, such as the roadmap, the image included the document title, logo and white space as a border. The following example shows that the roadmap image is much smaller due to the white space border on the left. We have removed the document title, logos and whitespace for all export images. This has resulted in significant improvements to image quality.

Note, the default image resolution is set to High. Depending on the image you are exporting, this may result in a large file and may take longer to process. You may choose the Medium or Low resolution options to reduce the file size and processing time.

2) Save Initiative Status report to Excel

You can now export the Initiative Status document to Excel. To export to Excel, select the Office format as shown below.

The exported Excel file will include the Initiative name, Initiative Description, Actions, Status, %Complete and Comments. Here is an example,

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