1) Set a subtitle for your roadmap

You can set a subtitle for your roadmap to help distinguish the tiles on your home page.

To change the subtitle, open the roadmap properties and edit the subtitle field, shown below.

Your subtitle is shown in the Home page for the selected roadmap tile, as illustrated below.

2) Initiative Summary Page - PowerPoint improved

The Initiative Summary Page :PowerPoint page has been improved, including

i) Font size increased to 9 and made consistent. However, this may result in some overflow of text.
ii) Owner Name was not shown, this is now corrected.
iii) Actions are now listed in a single text object instead of individual objects. However, the action category is no longer shown.

3) Rendering issues

Recent Chrome upgrade to V90 caused some rendering issues which are now fixed.
i) Challenge to objective link lines were not drawn correctly when there were more objectives than challenges - Fixed

ii) Actions list was compressed and a vertical scrollbar not shown - fixed.

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