1) Applying and filtering by labels for Objectives

You can now tag your objectives with a label and apply a filter based on a label.

In the Objective step, you can filter the list of challenges and objectives. To align your list of challenges with your objectives, ensure that the same labels are applied to both the challenges and the corresponding linked objectives.

2) Publish Challenges, Objectives and Capabilities filtered by labels

You can apply a filter by labels for the challenges, objectives, and capabilities published documents in the Publish step.

In the following example, the capability map published document is showing the capabilities matching the "Customers & Marketing" label.

3) Export Initiatives and Actions to Excel

We have implemented the ability to export a list of your initiatives and their corresponding actions. To export your list of actions, select the Initiative and Actions document, then choose the "Office" format and "Excel". The downloaded excel export will show a list of initiatives, the corresponding action with a description, action category, estimation range and estimation value.

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