1) Filter Capability Map

In our last update, we introduced the ability to tag a capability with a label. You can now apply a filter to the capability map.

When a filter is applied, the capabilities matching the filter are shown with their respective capability state colors and the capabilities not matching are shown with a white background (similar to the 'Not relevant' status).

In the example below, a filter is applied to show the "Customer and Marketing" capabilities only.

The ability to tag and filter a capability with labels is an enhancement that can be useful for tagging and identifying the capabilities:

1) Aligned to strategic themes. For example, tag the capabilities aligned to the Cost Reduction strategic theme;

2) Associated with functional areas of the business. For example, tag the capabilities linked to the Operations function; or

3) Dependent on a technology platforms. For example, tag the capabilities dependent on the SAP technology platform.

2) Darker font for "Not relevant" capability

Previously, when the capability state of a capability is marked as "Not relevant" the font was set to a light grey and was difficult to read. This is now set to a black font to make it easier to read.

For example,

3) Easier drag/drop for Challenges, Objectives and Actions

Dragging and dropping a challenge, objective or action to the list is now easier. Previously, the drop zone was smaller and therefore you had to hover your mouse directly over the line to drop your object. Now, the drop zone is less sensitive and easier to hit without needing to hover directly over the line.

Looking at the example below, note the target drop zone (line) is selected as you hover the dragged object near it. You no longer have to hover directly above the target drop zone.

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