The following instruction is for Jibility Team License Customers only

1. Log into your Google G Suite account as an administrator and access the Admin Console (

2. Navigate to the Apps menu and select SAML Apps → Add a service/App to your domain → Setup my own custom App.

3. Next you will be given the option to manually configure Google as your identity provider or to use a IDP metadata file. You should use the metadata file as you will need to provide this to your Jibility Administrator so they can handle the Jibility side configuration. Click Download to download the metadata file.

You will be prompted to enter a name for your app and provided the option to upload an image. You can name the app whatever you want.

4. After naming your app you will be prompted to provide the ACS URL and the Entity ID (See 'Configuration in Jibility' section above). You can also type them in directly as they will always be in the format of:

Note: You will also want to select UNSPECIFIED as the Name ID Format value on this page.

5. After entering the ACS URL and Entity ID you will be prompted to set up attribute mapping. You want to define "Primary email" and ":First name" as shown below. These values are required for Jibility SAML SSO.

  • Primary Email --> email

  • First Name --> name

Complete the Configuration

Take the metadata file you downloaded from G Suite and provide it to your Jibility Administrator. This file will provide Jibility with the information it needs to connect to your G Suite SSO configuration.

Lastly, enable the app you created in G Suite by selecting the ON for everyone option. Note: New apps can take up to 24 hours to fully activate for all users in G Suite. Users attempting to log on prior to the app fully activating may be presented with a login error: "403 error app_not_configured_for_user." This should resolve itself within 24 hours.

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