You can share your roadmap with anyone for read-only or view access. Jibility provides a free viewer that anyone can use to view a shared roadmap. A roadmap is shared by using a unique link that you create and then send to a recipient.

Note, share roadmap with a link is supported with Jibility Cloud only.

To share your roadmap for viewing, you must first create a link and then send the link to a recipient using email or another messaging tool. The recipient of your shared link can open their browser with the link and this will launch the free Jibility viewer with your roadmap opened.

The following illustrates how you create a shared link.

After you have created a link, you will see an icon (two people) in the top right corner of your roadmap tile to indicate that the roadmap is shared. A copy of your link is copied to your clipboard. This is illustrated in the diagram below.

Note, each newly created share link is unique. If you un-share and select share again to create a link, then Jibility will create a new and unique link. All recipients of your previous link will not be able to access your roadmap; therefore you will have to send your new link to all recipients again.

To copy the shared link again, you can select the "Copy link" menu as shown below. This will copy the link to your clipboard so that you can email or message it to your recipients.

To un-share or delete a link so that no one (except you) can view your roadmap, then click on the "Unshare" menu as shown below.

Note, selecting "Unshare" will delete the unique link created when you selected the "Share" function. All recipients with the link will no longer have access to your roadmap.

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