The most exciting new features since our new look launch back in April 2020, this month we are releasing a Free Plan and the ability to save your roadmaps to the Jibility Cloud. To improve how you work with Jibility Cloud, we have also restructured the Jibility home page layout.

Jibility Cloud

Previously, the only option for storing your Jibility roadmaps was to save to file in your nominated local drive. Now, you can choose to switch to save in the Jibility Cloud.

NOTE: For existing paid subscribers, the Jibility Cloud is not enabled by default. You must notify us to opt-in to Jibility Cloud.

With Jibility Cloud, the main advantages are

  • You can easily access all your roadmaps and recently opened roadmaps from the Jibility home page directly;

  • Changes you make to your roadmap are automatically saved to the Jibility Cloud (you don't have to click the Save button);

  • The security and availability of your roadmap are managed by Amazon's AWS, which offers high security, reliability and availability.

So, what if I want to continue using Local Drive?

Paid Jibility subscribers can choose to switch to and from Jibility Cloud or Local Drive.

We recognize that some customers like the Jibility save to file feature, which allows the user to control where their roadmaps are stored, and the security access control applied to it. Paid subscribers on the professional team plans can choose to opt-out of Jibility Cloud. Opting out of Jibility Cloud means we will remove this option from your team account. So, your team users will not have Jibility Cloud.

Jibility Home Page Layout

With the ability to save to Jibility Cloud, we have improved the layout and functionality on the Jibility home page. For Jibility Cloud users, you will now have direct access to your recently opened roadmaps, templates and other roadmaps.

Find out more about Managing your roadmaps when using Jibility Cloud.

Free Plan

We have released a Free Plan, which has all the essential features required for creating a simple strategic roadmap. The Free Plan is limited by the number of roadmaps and initiatives that you can create and the storage option if Jibility Cloud only.

When you sign-up to a Free Plan, you will be given access to most paid features for the first 30 days. During which, you can choose to upgrade to a paid subscription, or at the end of the 30 days your plan will continue with just the Free Plan features only.

You can read more about our Free Plan here or review our pricing page.

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