When you log into Jibility, you land on the Jibility home page. Here is where you manage your roadmaps. In this article, we will discuss the tiles layout and the functions for opening and creating a roadmap when using Local Drive.

Why switch to Local Drive?

Local Drive allows you to select where you want to save your roadmap file. Your local drive can be your hard drive, shared drive or internal cloud drives such as Google Drive or Onedrive. When using Local Drive, your roadmap content is not transmitted or stored by Jibility in the cloud. You can read more about Saving to File here.

Switching to Local Drive has the following advantages:

  • You have complete control over where your roadmap file is saved and the security controls for the saved roadmap file;

  • You can keep archived copies of your roadmap files.

Note, with Local Drive enabled, Jibility does not automatically save your changes. You must click the Save button to save your changes to a file.

Jibility Home Layout

The Jibility home page for Local Drive users shows the following layout

1) My Roadmaps

A tile to open your roadmap file. Clicking the open tile will open a file selection dialog window for you to locate and select your roadmap file.

2) My Template (Available to Professional subscription plan users only)

A tile to create a new roadmap based upon a selected template. Clicking the Create from template button will open a file selection dialog window for you to locate and choose a template file. Once a template file is selected, then a new roadmap is created using the template.

3) Jibility Template

You have the open to create a new roadmap based upon our generic business strategic roadmap template or a technology template.

4) Jibility Samples

The InsureNorth and RedYabber example roadmaps that you can review, test or download.

This is how the layout looks when using Local Drive for users with full feature access.

How do I switch to and from Local Drive?

You can switch to Local Drive by selecting the drop-down list next to the account icon in the top right corner, as shown below.

Note, the ability to select Local Drive is a paid feature which is currently available for the professional plan only.

How do I export my roadmap from Jibility Cloud to a file?

If you are working in Jibility Cloud and you want to work with your roadmaps in Local Drive instead, then you have to export your roadmap to file and then switch from Jibility Cloud to Local Drive.

To export your roadmap to a file, click on the vertical ellipsis button (three vertical dots), which will then open a menu list, as shown below. Select the Export menu item to download your roadmap to your local drive.

After exporting your roadmap to file, switch to Local Drive and then click on the "Open my Jibility file" tile under My Roadmaps, then locate and select the exported file to open it.

How to delete a Local Drive roadmap?

To delete a Local Drive roadmap find the roadmap file and delete the file. Note, when saving to file, Jibility creates a file with a timestamp and sequenced version number. You may have multiple version of the file that needs purging.

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