When you log into Jibility, you land on the Jibility home page. Here is where you manage your roadmaps. In this article, we will discuss the tiles layout and the functions for importing, exporting, deleting and copying your roadmap when using Jibility Cloud.

Why switch to Jibility Cloud?

Jibility Cloud is implemented on Amazon's AWS managed services. When you switch to Jibility Cloud, your new or imported roadmaps are saved in the Jibility Cloud. Switching to Jibility Cloud has the following advantages:

  • You can easily access all your roadmaps and recently opened roadmaps from the Jibility home page directly;

  • Changes you make to your roadmap are automatically saved to the Jibility Cloud (you don't have to click the Save button);

  • The security and availability of your roadmap are managed by Amazon's AWS, which offers high security, reliability and availability.

Jibility Home Layout

The Jibility home page for Jibility Cloud users shows the following layout

1) Recently Opened

Up to five of your recently opened roadmaps with the most recent shown first.

2) My Template (Available to Professional subscription plan users only)

A list of templates that you have created, listed in alphabetical order when using Jibility cloud.

3) Jibility Template

The standard Jibility templates for starting a generic business strategic roadmap or a technology strategic roadmap.

4) My Roadmaps

A list of all the roadmaps that you have created in alphabetical order if using Jibility cloud.

5) Jibility Samples

The InsureNorth and RedYabber example roadmaps that you can review, test or make a copy of.

6) Import Files

This function allows you to import a previously saved Jibility file into the Jibility Cloud.

This is how the layout looks for Jibility Cloud users with full feature access.

How do I switch to and from Local Drive?

You can switch to Jibility Cloud or Local Drive (NOTE: OneDrive is no longer supported) by selecting drop-down list next to the account icon in the top right corner, as shown below.

Note, the options available to you is dependent on the subscription plan that you have. Also, an organization can choose to disable and remove a storage option. This is done at the organization account level. For example, an organization may choose not to allow the Jibility Cloud option and have Local Drive only.

How do I import from a previously saved Jibility file into Jibility Cloud?

If you have previously saved your roadmaps to a file or you have received a Jibility roadmap file from someone else, then you can import the file into your Jibility Cloud by clicking on the Import files tile. Once imported, you will see your imported roadmap as a tile the My Roadmap list.

TIPS: You can import more than one file at one time by selecting multiple files in the file selection dialog popup window.

How do I export my roadmap from Jibility Cloud to a file?

If you are working in Jibility Cloud and you want to send a copy of your roadmap to another person as a file, back-up your roadmap to your own file drive, or create a copy of the roadmap then you can do this by exporting your roadmap to a file.

To export your roadmap to a file, click on the vertical ellipsis button (three vertical dots), which will then open a menu list, as shown below. Select the Export menu item to download your roadmap to your local drive.

How to delete a roadmap?

To delete a roadmap, click on the vertical ellipsis button (three vertical dots), which will open a menu list as shown below. Select the Delete menu item to delete the roadmap. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete this roadmap. However, please note, that once deleted you cannot restore this roadmap.

NOTE: You cannot restore a deleted roadmap. Export your roadmap to a file, if you need a back-up.

Why can't I change and save a Jibility sample roadmap?

When using Jibility Cloud, you can open a Jibility sample roadmap, but you cannot save changes to a sample roadmap. The sample roadmaps are provided as examples of what you can create with Jibility. You can open a sample roadmap to review its content and make changes to test the Jibility features but the changes are not saved.

If you want to start a new roadmap from a Jibility sample then you must make a copy by selecting the Copy menu item, as shown below. This will create a copy of the sample into your My Roadmaps. You can open your copy, apply changes and then save the changes.

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