A Jibility sample roadmap, such for InsureNorth and RedYabber, is provided as an example only. You can open a sample roadmap to view its content or try out Jibility features, such as editing challenges, creating initiatives and publishing documents. When you open a sample roadmap, it is like a playpen area, the changes you make will not be saved. In fact, you cannot save changes made directly to a Jibility sample roadmap.

To change and save a sample roadmap or to start a new roadmap based upon a sample roadmap you must make a copy of the sample roadmap first and then apply your changes to the copy. The following sections explains how.

Make a copy of a Jibility sample roadmap;

Click on the vertical ellipsis (three dots) in the bottom right corner of the Jibility sample roadmap tile. This will display the "Copy" menu.

Click on the Copy menu and this will make a copy of the sample roadmap.

Give your copied roadmap a new name

You will be prompted as follows. Here you have the opportunity to give your copied roadmap a different document name like "my sample".

Find your newly copied roadmap in the home page

After you click on the "Confirm" button, a copy of your sample roadmap is saved. When you return back the home page the "my sample" roadmap is now displayed under Recently Opened and My Roadmaps.

Now you can click on the "my sample" roadmap to open it and your changes are automatically saved.

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