We have released the ability to publish two more documents to PowerPoint. Unlike the previously released published to PowerPoint documents, we have now implemented the ability to scale the PowerPoint slide so that the content can fit on a page without needing to spill over onto another PowerPoint page.

1) Capability Map to PowerPoint

You can now publish your capability map to PowerPoint. To start, select the Office format type in the drop-down menu on the top right, as shown below.

In the properties panel, you can choose to include or exclude linked objectives and priorities. You can also select the capability levels and whether to show the capability state assessment (heat mapped colors).

Here's an example of the RedYabber Digital Transformation Roadmap capabilities in PowerPoint.

2) Challenges & Objectives Summary to PowerPoint

The Challenges and Objectives Summary document which shows the linkages between challenges and objectives can also publish to PowerPoint.

In the properties panel, you can limit the number of challenges or objectives listed. Here's an example of the Challenges and Objectives Summary in PowerPoint.

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