Free Plans were available from the 4th August 2020

If you are exploring Jibility for the first time or want to use the basic features of Jibility, then you can use our free plan. The Jibility free plan is for individual users only. It has just the essential features to allow you to develop a simple strategic roadmap and share it using our free read-only viewer (coming soon). Of course, if you like Jibility and want more features, then you can always upgrade to a paid plan.

Starting with a free plan

When you start with a free plan, you are given access to try most of our paid features for the first 30 days. You can choose to upgrade to a paid plan at any time. If you do not upgrade to a paid plan then at the end of the first 30 days your account will continue on the free plan features only.

Key differences between Free Plan and paid plans

Here are the key differences between a free plan and a paid plan (to find out more, please see our website pricing page):

  • Limited number of roadmaps - A free plan limits the number of roadmap documents you can create. A paid plan does not limit the number of roadmaps you create.

  • Limited number of initiatives - A free plan limits the number of initiatives you can create. A paid plan does not apply a limit to the number of initiatives.

  • Cloud storage only - A free plan is cloud storage only, you cannot save to a file. With a paid plan, you can save to file, which is preferable for some users (who want to control where their content is saved) because a saved file is not transmitted to or stored in the cloud. With saved files you have complete control over where and how your files are managed. Professional Team plan subscribers can also opt-out of cloud storage to meet their organisation's security requirements.

  • Publish to PDF only - Publish to PDF or print only using a free plan. You can publish to an image, PowerPoint or Excel as well on a paid plan, depending on the document.

  • Basic features - A free plan includes all the basic features for developing a roadmap. A paid subscription includes advanced features, such as labeling and filtering, cost distribution and benefits estimation.

What happens to my account and roadmaps if I don't use my free account after one year?

Hey, I know that everyone is busy, but if you don't use your free plan Jibility account for over 12 months then we reserve the right to delete your account and the roadmap content associated with your account.

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