We have another exciting announcement for April 2020, coming only a week after launching our new look Jibility.

  1. A free read-only Jibility viewer;

  2. Combined capability library.

Free Jibility Viewer

A lot of our users have asked for a read-only version of Jibility, so that they can share their Jibility content for viewing only.  In response to this, we have launched a free Jibility viewer that does not require registration or sign-in.  

The Jibility viewer works the same as the full editor Jibility except you cannot create, delete or change the content.  The navigation will work the same, which allows the viewer to look at your Jibility content in detail and see the linkages as prescribed in the Jibility six-step.

The Jibility viewer is designed to enable another user to view your Jibility file, that you have shared with them, without the need to purchase a Jibility licence.

To try the Jibility viewer please use this URL: https://view.jibility.com/.  We encourage you to share this Viewer with anyone so they can see the fantastic strategic roadmap that you have created.

Read more about it here.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   The Jibility viewer does not control access to your Jibility file.  The viewer is simply a cut down version of Jibility with the features such as create, delete and save removed.  A user with a full editor version of Jibility can still change your file content if you share the file with them.  Therefore you MUST set the file access permission of your shared Jibility file to Read-Only.

Combined capability library

We have now merged the capability libraries for Business and Technology roadmaps into a common library.

Previously, if you created a business strategic roadmap you had access to the business capabilities only. Likewise, if you created a technology strategic roadmap, you had access to the technology capabilities only.

Now, whether you create a business or technology roadmap you have access to the combined list of capabilities.

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