OneDrive Integration is currently available for our early adopters only.

By default, Jibility requires you to click the Save button to trigger a download of your Jibility content into a local file.  This is discussed in the Saving to File article.

With Microsoft OneDrive integration, you can save your Jibility content to your Microsoft personal or business OneDrive account instead.  Using OneDrive has the following benefits

  1. Jibility will automatically save your changes with OneDrive.  
    There is no need to click the Save button.  As soon as you make a change, Jibility will automatically trigger a save.

  2. Version history is automatically maintained by OneDrive.  
    OneDrive will store each increment of change in the document version history.

You can find out more about the Jibility OneDrive Integration feature here.

We are excited to release Microsoft OneDrive Integration for Jibility to our early adopters.  If you would like to trial the Microsoft OneDrive Integration feature, please let us know at

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