OneDrive Integration is currently available for our early adopters only.

By default, Jibility requires you to click the Save button to trigger a download of your Jibility content into a local file.  This is discussed in the Saving to File article.

With Microsoft OneDrive integration, you can save your Jibility content to your Microsoft personal or business OneDrive account instead.  Using OneDrive has the following benefits

  1. Jibility will automatically save your changes with OneDrive.There is no need to click the Save button.  As soon as you make a change, Jibility will automatically trigger a save.
  2. Version history is automatically maintained by OneDrive.OneDrive will store each increment of change in the document version history.

Note, The number of versions retained by OneDrive depends on whether you are using a personal OneDrive or business OneDrive and your account settings.  

In this article we will cover:

  1. Switching to OneDrive;
  2. Creating a new strategic roadmap with OneDrive;
  3. Opening an existing strategic roadmap with OneDrive;
  4. Making Changes with Jibility and Autosave;
  5. Switching back to local device; 
  6. Revoking Jibility permission to OneDrive; and
  7. Data Security.

Switching to OneDrive

On the Jibility main page, select the Account (person) icon to display the drop-down menu shown below.  In this menu, select the "Switch to OneDrive" menu item.

Once you switch to OneDrive, you are prompted to log into OneDrive using your Microsoft account.  

Note, if the OneDrive login window does not appear, then it could be hidden behind your browser because the OneDrive login window is independent to your browser.

When you connect to OneDrive for the first time, you are prompted to grant permission for the Jibility App to have full access to your files and to view your profile information.  A popup screen like the following is displayed and you need to click on the "Yes" button.

Note, if the OneDrive permission window does not appear then it could be hidden behind your browser because the OneDrive popup windows are independent to your browser.

Important:  For business OneDrive users, the administrator of your organization's OneDrive account must enable permission for the Jibility app.  The permissions required are full access to files and view basic profile for the Jibility app.

Tips: If you use more than one OneDrive account, particularly if you are switching between a personal and a business OneDrive account, then you should use a different browser profile for each account.

Creating a new strategic roadmap with OneDrive

When creating a new strategic roadmap, with OneDrive integration, the title for your roadmap is also the OneDrive file name.  Unlike saving to a local file, your OneDrive file name will not include a date/time stamp.  A date/time stamp is not required for OneDrive files because version history is automatically managed by OneDrive.

Using the above example, this will result in the following file in your default OneDrive folder.

Opening an existing strategic roadmap with OneDrive

Selecting the "Open my existing Roadmap from OneDrive" will display the OneDrive file picker (as illustrated below).  You use this file picker to find and select the Jibility file you want to open.

Note, to move your existing Jibility files to OneDrive, just use the standard OneDrive web interface or file drive explorer to upload your Jibility JSON file into your OneDrive.

Making changes in Jibility and autosave

With OneDrive integration, your changes are saved automatically.  When you make a change, Jibility will detect the change and wait for a pause in activity before commencing saving your changes.  In the image below, a change is made, and Jibility will show "Changes detected..." just below the roadmap title.  Following a pause in activity, Jibility will commence saving your changes and the status will change to "Saving..."

Once your changes are saved, Jibility will show the duration since you last saved (as illustrated below).

Switching back to Local Device

You can switch back to saving or opening your local files.  To switch back, click on the Account icon in the top right corner and select the "Switch to Local Device" menu item.

Revoking Jibility permission to OneDrive 

Jibility App permission for your OneDrive is managed in your Microsoft account profile if you are using personal OneDrive and through your organization's account settings if you are using business OneDrive:

  1. For Personal OneDrive go to:
  2. For Business OneDrive - Log in to your OneDrive account and go to the Account Settings section.  Look for My Account / Apps Permission and Revoke Permission.

Data Security

With the local drive feature, Jibility does not transmit or store your content in the cloud.  The content you create in Jibility is stored in your local drive.  

With Microsoft OneDrive integration, your Jibility content is transmitted and stored in the cloud by Microsoft OneDrive.  The security of your Jibility content is governed by Microsoft OneDrive and your respective security settings.

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