An initiative is a package of work that brings together a logical list of actions. Depending on the size or granularity of your actions, an initiative can be a programme, project or activity.  

To form a list of initiatives, you can simply dream up a list based on your understanding of the problem and solutions.  Or, if you have already analyzed what needs to change in the Capabilities and Actions step, you can simply build your initiatives from the actions derived from your Actions step.

The Roadmap step is where you can drag/drop your initiatives onto a map to visualize the scope and sequence that you must execute in order to reach your destination.

Jibility allows you to work backwards and forwards, which means you do not have to complete the Challenges, Objectives, Capabilities and Actions steps in order to start with the Initiative or Roadmap steps.

When you have completed your Initiative and Roadmap steps, you can publish documents like these examples from the RedYabber Digital Transformation sample:

1) Initiative Summary on a page

2) Initiative Prioritization Matrix

3) Roadmap

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