So, you know why you need to execute changes, and you can even dream up some actions required to make those changes, but how can you be sure what needs to change?

A capability-based planning approach is a proven method for identifying, prioritising, assessing and describing changes required in order to deliver to your objectives and address the corresponding challenges.  

The third and fourth Jibility Steps are Capabilities and Courses of Action.  The Capabilities step helps you to visualise the building blocks in your organisation that enables your organisation to do what it does.  Of these capability building blocks, an assessment is completed to identify the ones which will deliver to your objectives and requires a degree of change.

Only the capabilities that require change and delivers to your objectives are elaborated with a list of specific actions (Courses of Action).

Completing each of your capabilities with a list of Courses of Actions will produce a document like the following snippet taken from the RedYabber Digital Transformation Strategy Roadmap sample.

1) Capability Map - shows all the capability building blocks, links to objectives and heat map to indicate which capabilities require changes

2) Courses of Action - shows the actions required for each capability to deliver to the objectives

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