It is not uncommon for people to dive from having a strategic vision, goal or problem,  straight into execution or execution planning (listing a set of actions to be completed).

A good practice, before executing your changes or even listing all the actions required, is to take time to understand why you need these actions or to understand the problems you are solving.

The first two steps of the Jibility Steps are Challenges and Objectives. These two steps are designed to help you to understand why.  For example, why you need specific objectives to address the key challenges.  Or, why the challenges must be addressed in order to solve a problem to seize an opportunity.

In Jibility, you define your challenges and objectives in the respective steps.  You can then link your objectives to the challenges to understand which challenges are addressed by objectives and vice versa.  The result can be a published document such as the following example from the RedYabber Digital Transformation Strategy Roadmap sample.

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