In Jibility, you can start from any step and elaborate backwards or forwards from there.  Starting with the Challenge step through to the Actions step, you are decomposing a step to formulate the next.  For example, a challenge is decomposed into a set of objectives and an objective is decomposed into a set of linked capabilities and so forth.  However, initiatives are formed by aggregating or composing actions into a package of work.  This is illustrated in the diagram below.

The relationships between each step are as follows:

  1. A challenge can be linked to zero or more objectives;

  2. An objective can be linked to zero or more challenges;

  3. A capability can be linked to zero or up to three objectives;

  4. An action is unique to each capability and a capability can have zero or more actions;

  5. An initiative is composed of zero or more actions; and

  6. A roadmap is composed of initiatives and dependencies placed onto a grid defined by themes (rows) and stages (columns).

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