You can work backwards from the Roadmap step by adding initiatives directly onto your roadmap and also by adding actions directly onto your initiatives. 

When working forward, you would typically create a capability and then develop a list of actions required to change the capability in order to deliver to your objectives.  The following diagram illustrates how actions are derived from capabilities and then assigned to initiatives.

Sometimes, you may already have a list of initiatives, but you need to expand these into a list of actions which you may, at a later date, assign to a capability.  The following diagram shows this scenario - where you start with creating initiatives directly onto your roadmap, followed by adding actions onto these initiatives, and lastly these actions being placed in the Unassigned Actions list of the Capability step.

Adding an unassigned action to an initiative

In the Initiative step, you can drag and drop a New Action directly into an initiative on your page as shown in the diagram below.

Tips: You can change the properties of an action here in the Initiative step. With this working backwards feature, you no longer have to jump back into the Actions step to change an action's properties, such as its name.

All your unassigned actions are listed in the left-hand panel under the Unassigned Actions list (as shown in the diagram below).  An unassigned action is simply a course of action that is not yet assigned to a capability.  

Note, actions assigned to the same capability must have a unique name.  But, two actions assigned to two different capabilities can have the same name.  Therefore, actions which are in the Unassigned Actions list must also have a unique name.

Assigning actions to capabilities

In the Actions step, you will see in the top left corner the unassigned link.  This link will show the number of unassigned actions waiting to be assigned.  In the following example, the unassigned link shows "[6]" which indicates that six actions are not assigned to capabilities.

To assign your actions:

  1. Select the unassigned link and the list of unassigned actions is shown in the bottom panel; and

  2. Drag and drop an unassigned action into a capability.

Deleting unassigned actions

Unassigned actions can be deleted from the Actions step only.  To delete an unassigned action:

  1. Click on the unassigned link in the top left corner;

  2. Select an action in the unassigned list; and

  3. Click on the delete button (shown in the diagram below).

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