At Jibility we know how important the security of your roadmap is to you.  We take security seriously, and we have designed Jibility in a way to ensure that your roadmap and its sensitive content are protected.

Data Security

  • You own and control the security of the roadmap content created by you using Jibility. Jibility does not transmit or store your roadmap content to the cloud. Your roadmap content is created and saved as a file in your local drive.  
  • If you choose to store your roadmap content in your cloud drive using a cloud service provider such as Microsoft's OneDrive or Google Drive, your content is transmitted to the cloud by your chosen cloud service provider, which is independent of Jibility.  

Financial Transactions

  • All payments made to Jibility using a credit card is made through our partners Chargebee and Braintree.  Chargebee is our billing solution and Braintree is our payment gateway.  Both Chargebee and Braintree are PCI compliant.   You can find out more about ChargeBee and Braintree's PCI compliance here and here.

Our Policies and Plans

  • Jibility has a comprehensive information security policy, which is reviewed and updated annually.  Our policies are communicated to all staff.
  • Jibility has implemented a security incident management plan, which is reviewed and updated annually.  We have an incident management team ready to handle any potential issues.

Our People

  • Our people complete security awareness training annually.
  • All Jibility staff are located in and operate from Australia.
  • Jibility performs background checks and undertakes criminal checks for all our staff.
  • All staff are employed with strict confidentiality agreements.

Service Platform and Availability

  • Jibility is a cloud-native and serverless application built on Amazon's AWS platform.
  • Amazon's AWS services provide an up-time of 99.9% or better.

Privacy Policies

  • You can read our privacy policy here.

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