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  1. Distributing Cost and Benefits over multiple stages;

  2. Showing cost and benefits summary for a stage.

Cost and Benefits Distribution

In Jibility, an initiative is placed onto a roadmap and this represents the stage when the initiative is completed or delivered.  In the following example, we have Initiative X, which has a cost of $1,000,000 and benefits of $2,000,000.  By default, Jibility will allocate all of Initiative X's cost and benefits to Stage 3.  

If the delivery of Initiative X commenced in Stage 2 then you may want to allocate a portion of the cost in Stage 2 and also some of the benefits starting from Stage 2 as well.  Furthermore, what if the benefits are realized beyond Stage 3 and into the future.  

Now, Jibility supports the ability for you to specify the distribution of cost and benefits over multiple stages.  In the following example, Initiative X's cost is distributed over two stages and the benefits are distributed over four stages (which therefore extends into two future stages). 

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Showing cost and benefits summary for a Stage

Selecting a stage on your roadmap will now show you a summary of the initiatives and the costs and/or benefits allocated to the stage.

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