1. Working backwards by creating initiatives directly on the roadmap

  2. Create templates

  3. Delete all initiatives

Working backwards by creating initiatives directly on the roadmap

Jibility is designed to support an Agile approach to roadmap development.  With this in mind, we have started implementing features that will enable you to work forward and backwards through the Jibility Steps.

To support the ability to work backwards, you can now create an initiative directly on your roadmap, while in the Roadmap Step.  Previously, you had to jump into the Initiative Step first to create an initiative and then jump back into the Roadmap Step to place the new initiative on the roadmap.  

With this new feature, you can also change your initiative name and other properties directly in the Roadmap Step.  Again, this productivity improvement means you no longer have to jump back and forward between the Initiative and Roadmap Steps.

Further features, such as the ability to add a Course of Action directly to an Initiative will be added soon.

Find out more about Creating Initiatives directly on a Roadmap here.

Working with Templates (Enterprise Plan feature)

In an organisation, you may work on multiple roadmaps, and there are certain settings and content which are common across all your roadmaps.  For example, the company logo or the set of estimate range for one roadmap which could be reused for another roadmap.  You can apply these settings and content to each of your roadmaps manually, or you can create a template for your organisation, function or area so that each new roadmap created can be based on a predefined template.  

Find out more about how to create a Template here

Delete all initiatives (Enterprise Plan feature)

This feature is related to working with templates.  Sometimes you want to convert an existing roadmap into a template so you need to remove all the initiatives.  To do this, we have added a new Delete All button in the Initiative Step.  Clicking the Delete All button will clear all the initiatives on the canvas.

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