Jibility is designed to support an Agile approach to roadmap development.  With this in mind, we have features that will enable you to work forward and backwards through the Jibility Steps.

To support the ability to work backwards, you can now create an initiative directly on your roadmap, while in the Roadmap step. 

With this new feature, you can also change your initiative name and other properties directly in the Roadmap step.

To create a new initiative directly on your roadmap: 

  1. Select the Roadmap step

  2. Select the Build sub-step

  3. Drag and drop "New Initiative" onto your roadmap

  4. Enter a new name for your initiative in the properties panel to the right


  1. Initiative names must be unique, so when you create an initiative on the roadmap and the name is already in use then you will receive a "Name must be unique" error.  The duplicate name will not be accepted until it is changed.

  2. New initiatives created on your roadmap will also appear in the canvas area of the Initiative step.  Jibility will add your new initiatives to the bottom of the page and these will be laid in rows of five.

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