Some minor enhancements this month, while we continue to work in the background on some major features in the coming months.  Here's what's new this month

  1. Export image in Presentation style for more documents;

  2. Export Challenge Summary and Objective Summary to Excel;

  3. Creating a new roadmap no longer blank; and

  4. Roadmap subtotal estimated cost and benefits

Export image in Presentation style for more documents

You can now choose to export an image of the following published documents in  Presentation style (previously only Classic style was available for export image):

i) Challenges Summary;
ii) Objective Summary;
iii) Challenge & Objective Summary (linked);
iv) Initiative Courses of Action; and
v) Capabilities & Courses of Action.

Export Challenge Summary and Objective Summary to Excel

Similar to the ability to export the Initiative Summary List to a spreadsheet.  You can now also export the Challenge Summary and Objective Summary to a spreadsheet.  Just make sure you select the 'File' format, as shown below.

Create New Strategy Roadmap no longer starting with blank screen

Previously when you created a new strategy roadmap, the canvas area in each step was blank.  Now we start each step with a new item pre-created.  For example, there is already a new challenge and new objective created and all you have to do is rename these.  There are also instructions in the description to guide what you so do for each step.

Roadmap subtotal for estimated cost and benefits

In the Roadmap published document, there is the ability to select which themes you want to be shown on the roadmap in the properties panel.  Previously, if you have one or more themes unselected, the total estimated cost and benefits shown at the bottom is the grand total estimates cost and total estimated benefits for all themes. Now, if a theme is unselected then a sub-total of the estimated cost and sub-total of the estimated benefits is shown instead.  Therefore, a (grand) total is shown only when all themes are selected.

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