Professional and Team Plan paid subscribers can choose to save their Jibility roadmaps to a local file instead of the cloud. Saving your roadmaps to a file, instead of Jibility cloud, enables you to own and control the security of your roadmap content. When working with saved files, Jibility does not transmit or store your roadmap content to the cloud.

Note, the ability to save to cloud is a new feature from the 4th of August 2020. Existing paid subscribers before the 4th of August can notify to opt-in to saving to Jibility Cloud. All paid subscribers after the 3rd of August can choose to opt-out of using Jibility Cloud.

To save to file instead of saving to the cloud, you must first ensure that you have selected "Local Drive" in the home screen. You should see this menu option when you click on the drive selection drop down next to the account icon, as shown below.

Once you have switched to local drive, saving your work in Jibility is done by clicking on the Save button in the top right corner (see below). When saving your work, we utilize the browser's download feature to save your file into a download folder on your computer.

Note, when you open a Jibility sample file, such as the RedYabber or InsureNorth samples, you will see a Download button (shown below) instead of a Save button. This is just to indicate that you are downloading a copy of our template. Any changes you make to our samples is saved when you click the download button.

Configuring your browser to ask where to save your file

Your browser has a default download file location. You can see where your files are downloaded by looking at your browser's download settings. Type this into your browsers URL: chrome://settings/downloads - or go to the browser settings and search for "Downloads" to see the download settings (as shown in the diagram below).

We recommend that you set the "Ask where to save each file before downloading" to "ON". Enabling this setting will cause your browser to popup a prompt for you to select a folder location where you want to save your file.

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