When defining actions required to address the gaps for a capability we like to consider "What are the people gaps?", "What are the process gaps?" and "What are the physical gaps?"  The people, process and physical categories are just some of the possible categories of gaps for consideration.  

In Jibility, you can add new categories such as "Information", "Data", "Security" and "Location".  You can also rename the default people, process and physical categories, such as from "Physical" to "Technology".

Opening Courses of Action Categories

You can manage the list of Courses of Action Categories in the canvas properties settings

  1. Open the Canvas Properties by clicking on the Pencil icon in the top right corner
  2. In the Canvas Properties popup, select the "Courses of Action Category" tab


  1. Renaming an existing Courses of Action Category will also rename the category assigned to all existing Courses of Action; and
  2. Deleting an existing Courses of Action Category will reassign all corresponding Courses of Actions to the "None" category.  A "None" category simply indicates that a Course of Action does not have a selected category.

Filtering Courses of Actions when formulating Initiatives

When assigning Courses of Actions to your initiatives in the Initiatives step, sometimes it is useful to see all the Courses of Actions related to a selected category.  For example, show me all the Courses of Actions in the Security category.  This is particularly useful when formulating initiatives specifically related to security.

Here is an example of how categories filter are applied.

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