Summary of what's new this month

  1. Manage Labels - make bulk updates, such as rename or delete, to labels across all initiatives

  2. Extend Courses of Action categories - Add your own Courses of Action categories such as Security or Information.

  3. Export high-resolution images for your published documents

  4. Cost estimation rounding precision is now relative to range size

  5. Sort Initiative Summary List

Manage Labels

You can now rename or delete a label that is assigned to lots of initiatives in a single step.  In the Canvas properties window, there is now a Labels tab.  In the Labels tab are all the labels in use.  Here you can rename or delete a label and the change is automatically applied to all initiatives.  Of course, you can still rename or delete labels one by one at the initiative level.  This is an added feature to make bulk changes easier.  Read the Manage Labels article for more.

Courses of Action Categories - Add your own custom categories

Up until now a Course of Action can be categorised as People, Process or Physical only.  Now, you can add your own categories.  This feature will allow you to call out the additional categories that should be considered when defining Courses of Actions.  For example, Security or Information.  To find out more in the Courses of Action Categories article.

Export Image - Select Resolution

In the Publish step, you can export and download an image of your work.   Previously, you can control the image aspect ration, but the image resolution was fixed.  You can now choose to export a low, medium or high-resolution image.

For example, if you want to export the roadmap as an image and clip a segment of this for insertion into a presentation then exporting to a higher resolution image will ensure that your edited image is legible.  

Note, higher resolution images will download a larger file.

Estimation Rounding

When using the cost estimation feature, previously the computed estimation value was always rounded to the nearest $1000.  To support lower cost ranges, the rounding precision is now determined by the range itself.  For example, if the range is less than $100 then the computed estimation value is rounded to $1,  if the range is between $100 to $1000 then the computed estimation value is rounded to $10.  All values over $100,000 are rounded to the nearest $1000.

Sort Initiative Summary List

The Initiative Summary List is a published document that lists your initiatives in a tabular form.  You can now sort by up to three columns by selecting the sort column and sort order in the document properties (as shown below). 

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