Here's a summary of what's new this month:

  1. Take a Tour; and
    To help fast track your learning experience using Jibility we have developed a new feature called Take a Tour, which will highlight and explain the key features of each Jibility step.  

  2. Prioritized Initiative 2 x 2 zoom.
    You can now zoom in/out on the 2 x 2 grid as well as the initiative name font size.

Take a Tour

If you are new to Jibility, you can now take a tour to see the top tips for how to use Jibility along each step from Canvas, Challenges, Objectives to Publish.

To take a tour, you simply click on Take a Tour in the top right corner which is next to Help.

When you click on Take a Tour, this will launch a step by step guide to the key features for your current Jibility Step.  So, for example, if you are in the Challenge Step then Take a Tour will show you the top tips for how to use the Challenge Step.

Prioritized Initiative 2x2 Zoom

Previously, the zoom in/out on the Prioritized Initiative 2x2 was changing the initiative name's font size only.  We have separated this functionality, and you can now zoom in/out of the 2 x 2 grid itself as well as change the initiative name's font.  

To zoom the initiative name font size, you can click on the "A" up or down symbol.  To zoom the 2x2 grid, you can click on the magnify "+" or "-" icons.

This new feature was based on user feedback to allow you to zoom into a quadrant and focus on prioritizing just the initiatives within that quadrant.

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