To date, the Canvas is nothing more than a quick launch menu, so we have updated it to show some useful information and therefore transform the canvas into a dashboard.  There are three new features for this month:

  1. Canvas Dashboard;

  2. Initiative Owner name; and

  3. Time Horizon always visible

Canvas Dashboard

The Canvas is now also a dashboard to provide you with helpful information for each segment of the canvas.  See example below.

Initiative Owner Name

You can now assign an owner for each Initiative.  The Owner Name is a new text field in the properties panel for capturing the initiative owner name.  In the Publish step, documents such as Initiative Summary Page, Initiative Summary List and Initiative Status now includes a "Show Owner Name" check box in the properties panel.  You can use this checkbox to show or hide the owner name.

Time Horizon always visible

The Time Horizon is now always visible just below the strategy roadmap document title.  This will help remind you the time frame context for creating your challenges, objectives and so on..

TIPS:  If the Time Horizon value in the canvas properties panel is blank then no time horizon is shown.

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