When developing a strategic roadmap, this should be done within the context of a timeframe or time horizon. For example, a time horizon can be  "9 months", "3 Years", "5 Years" or more.  In Jibility, the Time Horizon field is a free text field so you can put in whatever you want.

It is important to set an appropriate time horizon for your strategic roadmap.  Once set, you should be asking "Are these the challenges which must be addressed in this time horizon?",  "Are these the objectives which must be achieved within the time horizon?", "What capabilities must be established in the time horizon?" and "What initiatives must be delivered in the time horizon?".

The time horizon is set in the Canvas properties which are accessed by clicking the Pencil icon in the top right corner.  In the Canvas properties, you can override the default setting which is "3 years".

Tips: Make the time horizon field blank if you do not want to show a time horizon.

Time horizon on the roadmap

With a time horizon set, the value is shown in the Roadmap step as follows:

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