You have a strategy roadmap, this month we introduce new features that will let you track and report on the progress status of your initiatives.  Here's what's new

  1. Define and show a Time Horizon for your strategy roadmap

  2. Track initiative status

  3. Publish initiative status document

  4. Show initiative status on your Prioritised Initiative 2x2

  5. Show total estimated benefits on your roadmap

Define and show a Time Horizon for your strategy roadmap

You can define and show your strategy time horizon on your roadmap.  The Time Horizon is defined in the canvas properties (the pencil in the top right corner).  The Time Horizon field is a free text field so you can type in here "5 years", "9 months" or whatever.

Once the Time Horizon is defined, this will appear on your Roadmap.

Track Initiative Status

There is now a new Jibility step called Track.  In Track, you can define and show the progress status of each initiative.

Initiative Status Document

Along with the ability to define the progress status of each initiative, you can also publish a document that shows the Roadmap and a table listing all the initiatives with  status and commentary.

Show initiative status on Prioritised Initiatives 2x2 

Toggle the "Show Initiative Status" checkbox in the Prioritised Initiatives 2x2 document to show the progress status of each initiative on the 2x2.

Show Total Estimated Benefits on Roadmap

If Benefits Estimation is enabled then the total Estimated Benefits for each stage is now shown at the bottom of the Roadmap.

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