The target zone is defined by the lasso on the 2 x 2 (all initiatives inside the target zone are automatically marked as a priority).  Although the target zone can be adjusted to select the group of initiatives to include as a priority, in reality, there will always be some exceptions where you want to:

  1. Exclude a specific initiative inside the target zone; or

  2. Include a specific initiative outside the target zone.

In the diagram below, you can see that the Cloud Platform Established initiative has been excluded (even though it is inside the lasso - target zone).  Also, the Innovation Management initiative is included as a priority (even though it is outside the lasso).

Note, the total Priority Zone Estimated Cost is automatically adjusted when an initiative is included or excluded.

To include or exclude a specific initiative,  you must select the initiative on the 2 x 2 and open the properties panel.  In the properties panel, you can set the "Priority Zone Selection" value as follows:

  1. Automatic (by Lasso) - The initiative is automatically selected based on whether it is inside or outside the lasso.

  2. Include in the priority zone - The initiative is always included in the priority zone. 

  3. Exclude from the priority zone - The initiative is always excluded from the priority zone.

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