We have lots of new features this month:

  1. New Presentation Style

  2. Ability to link a capability to multiple objectives

  3. Total Cost by stages

  4. Filter Initiatives Summary by priority

New Presentation Style
The Publish step has been enhanced with the ability to select from a new design style (for most documents).  A new Presentation style is available for those who want to present their content.  The Publish Document articles have been updated with this new feature (click here to see how).

Link to multiple Objectives
Based on user feedback we have also implemented the ability to link a capability to more than one objective.  You can now link up to three objectives per capability.  The Linking Capabilities to your Objectives article has been updated with this new feature.

Total Cost by Stage

When mapping your roadmap, sometimes you need to see how the cost is spread by each stage.  For example, you may not want to front-load all the cost in the first stage, so you want to know whether you have managed to spread the overall cost into all the stages.  

Filter Initiative Summary published document by priority
In the Initiative Summary published document, you can now select and filter whether to include all initiatives, not assessed, assessed or prioritised initiatives. 

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