The Publish step allows you to print or save to PDF your strategic roadmap content.  Sometimes you may want to insert an image of your strategic roadmap content into another document, for example into a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint document.  

You can take a screen snapshot of your content from the Jibility App, but the image quality may not be suitable.  Jibility offers an Export Image function that will save a PNG image file for further editing in an image editing tool or insert directly into your document.

The following screen shows the Export Image function, which is accessed by selecting the export format type.

The properties panel for the Export Image function provides parameters that controls:

  1. Aspect Ratio
    You can choose a standard (4x3) or wide (16x9) image.

  2. Resolution
    You can choose a low, medium or high resolution image.  A high resolution image will result in a larger export file. 

  3. Watermark
    A standard Jibility label watermark is applied by default.  You can remove this watermark or choose to change this to say "Draft" or anything else as required.

  4. Transparent Background
    Selecting the transparent background option will export an image with a transparent background.

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