This is a paid subscription feature

Jibility published documents can be customized with the following:

  1. Your organization's logo; 

  2. A footer text; and

  3. Document title.

An organization specific logo can be set for your Jibility Canvas by selecting and uploading your logo. Once a canvas logo is uploaded, then this logo is applied to all documents in the Publish step.

To upload your organization's logo, open the canvas properties by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right corner.  In the Canvas Properties popup select the Document tab, you should see the following:

Note, if the Document tab fields are disabled then you must upgrade to a paid subscription to enable this feature.

To upload your organization's logo, you can drag and drop an image file to the Document Logo preview area or click on the upload button to select a file.
Note, your logo file must be no more that 150kb size.  The image should ideally be a 5 to 1 ratio (width to height).

When a logo file is selected and uploaded, you can see a preview as shown below.  Click on Confirm when ready.


A default footer text "© Jibility Pty Ltd 2019" is applied to all published documents.  You can change the footer text by opening the Canvas Properties popup and select the Document tab.

In the Document Footer field, you can type a footer text that suits your organization.

Renaming the document title

The default document title for each published document can be overridden with your own title to suit the terminology of your organization.  

For each document in the Publish step, when you select the document and open its properties panel (on the right), the Title field will have a default name.  Here, you can overwrite the title with your own title.  

Note, if the Title field is disabled, then you must upgrade to a paid subscription to enable this feature.

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