Free Trial plan was replaced with our Free Plan from the 4th August.

Prior to the 4th of August 2020, when you sign-up to Jibility, you will automatically start a free trial without having to provide any card details.  During the free trial, you can try out Jibility, review the sample strategic roadmaps and create your own strategic roadmaps.  You can also download and save your work locally.

During the trial period, you can upgrade to a paid subscription to access the paid features such as the ability to: 

  1. Customize the published documents with your organization's logo and change the footer;

  2. Enter comments in the properties;

  3. Change the estimation currency and risk profile;

  4. Define action categories;

  5. Define an initiative owner;

  6. Define and filter initiatives by labels;

  7. Distribute estimated costs and benefits across multiple stages;

  8. Track initiative progress with percentage complete and commentary; and

  9. Export images (without a trial watermark).

At the end of the trial period, if you choose not to upgrade to a paid subscription, then your user account will be suspended automatically.  Before your account is suspended, you can save your work to a local file, publish a PDF copy of your documents or export your Initiative List to Excel.

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