Increasingly, most organizations are faced with reduced resources and the need to do more with less.  Given that you have a limited budget or resources, which of your organization's capabilities should you invest in or prioritize to yield the results required in order to achieve your strategic intent?

When you have created a capability map, and you have linked the capabilities to your objectives, the next step is to decide which of these capabilities have a high, medium or low priority.  The priority rating for each capability will help you further understand which capabilities are the most important. 

Taking the time to collaborate with your colleagues in deciding the priority rating is an important step for socializing and gaining consensus on what is important to the organization and gain buy-in.

Tips: Setup a collaborative workshop with your colleagues to make prioritization decisions.  Project your Jibility capability map onto a large screen and make edits in real time.

Assessing priority rating in Jibility

The Assess Priority feature of the Capabilities step allows you to drag and drop a priority rating tag to a capability on your map.  This will tag your capability with a star labelled as either a high, medium or low.  A high priority rating is more important than a low priority rating.

At this stage, the goal is to determine the priority rating of each capability relative to each other.  Hence, the labels are just a simple high, medium and low.  

Note, the focus is to decide the priority rating of each capability relative to each other.  Don't get distracted with discussions on exactly what is the investment value or amount.

Tips: In order to induce debate and focused decision making, set a constraint. For example, "If we have only 3 highs, 7 mediums and 11 lows to allocate, then which capabilities should we prioritize?". On the lower right corner of the priority rating object, there is a count that shows how many capabilities are already tagged with that priority rating.

Finding where the priority rate has been allocated

Hover your mouse over the priority rating link counter and that corresponding rating label is highlighted on the tagged capability.

In the following example, when the mouse is hovering over the medium priority counter, the tag on the corresponding capabilities are highlighted.

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