Focusing on what's important

An organization is comprised of many capabilities. Similarly, a typical capability map can comprise of over fifty capabilities, some even hundreds of capabilities (including sub-capabilities).  With so many capabilities, it is often difficult to know which ones should be the focus.

Linking a capability to an objective is a way to indicate that the capability is required in order to deliver or achieve that objective.  Linking your capabilities to your top objectives is a good practice to help identify the capabilities which are important in helping your organization to achieve its strategic intent or vision. 

Linking objectives to capabilities in Jibility

In Jibility, you can tell that a capability is linked to an objective when it is tagged with an objective number.  

To link a capability to an objective, you simply select and drag/drop the objective onto the capability.

Tips: Focus on the key capabilities which delivers to or achieves your top objectives.  Not all capabilities are linked to your top objectives; in fact, you want to focus on a few only.  This will ensure that only the most important capabilities receive the resources required to deliver or achieve the objectives.

Linking to multiple objectives 

Keep things simple by linking to only one objective per capability, but if required, Jibility supports linking to up to three objectives per capability.

If you already have three objectives linked to a capability then you must select and delete one if you want to replace it with another.

Tips: Although you can link to multiple objectives, the key to a good strategic roadmap is to keep your focus on what matters most, i.e. which objective is the primary objective a capability delivers to.  Having only one linked objective will simplify your understanding and presentation of your strategic roadmap.

Cross check

When you have lots of objectives it is difficult to know whether all the objectives are tagged to a capability. Jibility provides a simple visual cue to indicate that an objective is already tagged to a capability.

In the diagram below, a number in the lower right corner of each objective indicates the number of capabilities linked to that objective.  For example, the objective "Establish a Digital Transformation capability" has three capabilities currently linked to it.

How to quickly identify the capabilities linked to an objective?

If you have a large capability map and lots of linked objectives, then the easiest way to see which capabilities are linked to an objective is to hover your mouse pointer over the linked objective counter.  When you hover your mouse over the linked objective counter the corresponding objective number label will enlarge.

In the following animated example, when the mouse hovers over the counter on Objective 3, you can see that the linked objective number tagged on the capability is enlarged.

Deleting a linked objective from your capability

To delete a linked objective from a capability, click and select the objective on your capability and then click on the delete button (the trash can icon in the top left corner).

The following example shows how to delete a capability, linked objective and priority tag.

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