Defining Your Top Challenges

In Jibility, a challenge can be a problem or an opportunity that the organization must address in order to meet its strategic intent or achieve its vision.  Defining challenges helps with your understanding and articulation of what your strategic roadmap is solving.

Jibility allows the user to define as many challenges as required, but we strongly recommend that you focus on the organizations top challenges only,  i.e. after listing all your challenges which ones are the most important?  

Tips: Try to keep the number of challenges to no more than five (5). 

Listing lots of challenges may provide you with an accurate list of all the organization's problems and opportunities, but let's face it, with limited time and resources, can you truly address all the challenges?  Hence, it's better to just focus on the top challenges.

Adding a Challenge in Jibility

When defining challenges, you can: 

  1. Choose from a list of pre-defined (common) challenges from the Jibility library and then drag and drop it onto your list; or 

  2. Define your own challenges by dragging/dropping a New Challenge onto your canvas and giving it a unique name.

Note, each challenge must have a unique name, i.e. you cannot have two challenges with the same name on your list.  

Jibility provides you with a list of pre-defined challenges to help you define your challenges faster.  The list of pre-defined challenges, for your chosen area such as Information Technology, is the most common challenges facing organizations today.

Tips: Use Search to filter the list of pre-defined challenges, then drag and drop the one that best matches your challenge.

Modifying Your Challenges

Once you have added a challenge (even from the pre-defined list), you can select the challenge in your Challenge list and the properties panel will open on the right. Use the properties panel to change the challenge name to suit your specific context. You can also add a description to help explain the reasons for this challenge in your organization.

Note, if you add or modify a challenge name and it matches one that is already in the Jibility library, then that challenge will be highlighted as used and is no longer available for selection from the library.  You can see this in the example above where the "Exposed to significant Information Security Risks" in the left panel is shaded grey because it is already in the list on the canvas.

Re-Order Your Challenges

Once you have a list of challenges, you may wish to re-order them to improve readability or to show the order of importance.  In Jibility, you can re-order your list of challenges by selecting each challenge and drag/drop the challenge to the position you want on the list.

Deleting a Challenge

To delete a challenge, first select the challenge and then click on the delete button (the trash can in the top left corner).

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