Although we recommend using the Jibility App to fast track your strategic roadmap development, you can develop your roadmap manually by downloading a PDF or PowerPoint template of the Jibility Canvas here. If you were to develop your strategic roadmap using the PDF or PowerPoint template then it could look like this:

Jibility Steps

There are six Jibility steps: Challenges, Objectives, Capabilities, Actions, Initiatives and Roadmap.  In each step, you are tasked with answering these questions:

  1. Challenges - What are the biggest issues or opportunities we face?What is this strategic roadmap solving for?  If you have a strategic vision or goal, then what are the challenges (problems and opportunities) you need to address in order to achieve your strategic vision or goals?

  2. Objectives - What must we achieve to address the challenges?What are the specific outcomes that you must achieve in order to address each challenge?  

  3. Capabilities - What capabilities do we need to invest in to meet the objectives?For each objective, what are the capabilities or organisation building blocks that must be in place or improved in order to deliver the objectives?  

  4. Actions - What are the actions we need to take to solve the capability gap?For each capability that is new, needs change or will be decommissioned, what are the specific actions required for that capability in order to achieve the associated objectives?

  5. Initiatives - What packages of work should we form with the actions?What are the groups of actions (which we call initiatives but these can represent a project or program) that we can form to deliver the capability changes in order to achieve the objectives?

  6. Roadmap - How do we sequence our initiatives to best optimize time, risk and cost?Finally, how should we layout the initiatives in terms of stages and themes so that we can clearly see what must be delivered, in what order and the dependencies?

Jibility App

The Jibility App is a dedicated tool designed to fast track the development of your strategic roadmaps by guiding you through the Jibility Steps, visualize your content and help you make sense of your strategic roadmap.

In the Jibility App, selecting each step will open an editor which allows you to answer the key questions for each step.  For example, when you select the Challenge step, you will see the Challenge editor which allows you to defined the key challenges that you need to solve. 

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